About Us

Talking Prints is a social enterprise based in Suriname, South America.

Our main focus is to solve a social problem by adding commercial business aspects such as marketing to make a bigger impact. Our mission is to create sustainable jobs for indigenous women who live an authentic life in small communities in the interior of Suriname. For these women it is challenging to get a structural income to provide for their families and live a happy life. Therefore, Talking Prints supports their way of living by creating sustainable jobs for them to gain more financial independent life.

Our work method

Talking Prints developed a training program for which the communities voluntarily sign up. We start by looking at their creative talents and work they already do. Next, the designing process begins, where we prepare the products for the international market. In order to produce more items on a bigger scale, basic business skills were required such as communicating, work ethic, planning, budgeting etc. This led us to create a practical-oriented program called the Talking Prints Academy in which we offer workshops. Through the training project, the people of the interior can express their creativity by producing profitable products and at the same time work on their personal development. The project also increased their happiness because they are able to take on more responsibility, which results in more independence.

Talking Prints brings handmade quality products onto the market that are created by incredible people with an even more incredible story.

“happiness is helping others, No matter how little you are, you can always be a giant by helping others”


The Story Behind the Products

The Story Behind the Products