Project Kontei

The second project of Talking Prints is Kontei and started in 2017. These women in Ballingsoela are also from the Maroon community like the woman from Drepada with the same history and cultural background (see project U ké).

The Ballingsoela women have made embroidery on textile for years. The technique is a cultural heritage that is being transferred from generation to generation.

The women practice embroidery as a hobby but also to earn some money on the side. Talking Prints saw this embroidery and wanted to embrace this technique by adding a little modern twist to it. We designed a traditional fanny pack with colorful embroidered patterns on top of it.

Today the women of project Kontei are still in the program and are ready to take some workshop lessons at the Talking Prints academy which will start in January 2019. In the meanwhile we are renewing the Angisa and the embroidery techniques.

Kontei stands for “come and get the products we have for you” in Saramaccan language.