Meet our team!

Talking Prints was founded in 2015 by Zoë Mezas and Pékula Starke - two young ladies born and raised in Amsterdam, both with Surinamese roots. They set out on a new adventure in Suriname because they felt the need for more freedom, social commitment and being passionate about their work.

During their stay in Suriname they visited the rural areas and they discovered the creativity and artistic cultural heritage of the Maroon community. Because these communities are far removed from the global market, Pékula and Zoë started a collaboration where they took account of marketing and distributing the products of the rural people.

The popularity of their products and the number of sales outlets abroad increased. In response to they teamed up with several creative minds who help them with the sales, online media and help them in carrying out their story and mission throughout the world.

The power of our team is that we have love for what we do, we share the same mission: to help each other and make a difference in this world.