Enjoy the simple things in life

The people in the villages in Brokopondo live in wooden houses with the forest in their backyard and a 2 minutes walk to the river. The villages are like communities, everybody is family or somehow connected.

Most of the people live self-sufficiently, where the forest plays an important role. Their daily routine is planting and harvesting vegetables and fruits, fishing and hunting, cooking, bathing in the river, and doing the dishes in the river. This way of living was new and different from what I was used to in Holland where I was born. I grew up in Amsterdam, a busy city with a lot of people and too much going on. I had to adjust to a quiet and easy life. At first I felt a little bit uncomfortable with pure nature and the easy going lifestyle. But the ladies started to teach me an important lesson. And that is to let go in life. For years I had lived from my head instead of my heart. Always thinking and being busy but for the first time in my life I got my feeling back and learned how to trust my instinct. I started to appreciate the simple things in life by living more in the moment. The women taught me to flow in life and to accept the way things are going. They helped me to reconnect with myself again,and I believe that they are living so close to nature that this is the way we are made for. Not the rushing lifestyle as I used to live.

Each time I visit the women I get the chance to be in the moment. To appreciate what I have, to be pure, to love my family and friends around me and most importantly to care for and love other human beings without getting something in return. Well, they taught me some important life lessons. Which is basically to enjoy the little things in life!

On my way back to Paramaribo I feel recharged, full of energy and thankful. And most of the time I'm thinking why worry? The combination of thinking, planning, controlling things and letting go by being in nature is perfect for me.