Talking Prints is all about creating cool items, helping others and empowering people. 

Besides the two owners Zoe Mezas and Pekula Starke, other people have contributed to the projects of Talking Prints. They have become a community that supports our way of being and vision which is all about helping and empowering each other. We call this our Tribe of support”. In this blog we highlight the people who we collaborate with. 

  • Name : Donna van West
  • Age: 28
  • Residence : Den Haag, Nederland
  • Name 3 qualities about yourself: very enthusiastic, passionate and driven

What does your daily life look like?
I am a freelance videographer and graphic designer. I make small documentaries about things I’m passionate about and things I want to know more about. It’s kinda my way of understanding things better.

In what way are you collaborating with Talking Prints, and how do you like this so far?
I make and design some of their visual content ( videos and photos). For example the tutorials.
I’m really liking the experience and collaboration with the ladies so far.

Which of the aesthetics of Talking Prints do you like the most?
The aesthetics I like the most is the fact that they help people who are not given the same opportunities in life become independent. They help by giving the people in the rural area of Suriname a chance to make something of themselves by educating them.

Which item of the Talking Prints collection you like the most and why?
My favorite item is the fanny pack! I have 3 of my own in different colors. I find this item very unique.

If you think of improvement and growth for Talking Prints, what would be your suggestions?
My suggestion would be to jump on new trends more often. Other than that, always keep the fire burning. If Zoe and Pekula keep feeding their passion there will always be growth.

How do you see yourself growing in and outside of Talking Prints?
I see myself growing in Talking Prints by collaborating with the ladies on more projects by creating and experiencing new ideas. And as myself, I would like to tell more stories in the form of a video.

Share a fun experience you had with Talking Prints
A fun experience was one time in the car when we were on our way to visit the villages.
We were listening to the radio and the word “lit” was said and none of us knew what it meant. We were all asking ourselves and searching for the meaning of the word online. As you can get out of this story we are not really up to date on the modern slang.

Do you have a message for Talking Prints?
My message to Talking Prints is “You girls are lit!”