Interview with Loidnail Arnon

Talking Prints is all about creating cool items, helping others and empowering people. 

Besides the two owners Zoe Mezas and Pekula Starke, other people have contributed to the projects of Talking Prints. They have become a community that supports our way of being and vision which is all about helping and empowering each other. We call this our Tribe of support”. In this blog we highlight the people who we collaborate with. 

  • Name : Loidnail Arnon
  • Age: 33
  • Residence: Commewijne
  • 3 cool qualities about yourself: always wanting to help where it is possible, talkative , social.
What does your daily life look like?

In my daily life I work, go to school and spend as much quality time with my family.

In what way are you collaborating with Talking Prints, and how do you like this so far?

I am the handyman for Taking Prints I do most of their pallet furniture. The experience has been great so far.

Which of the aesthetics of Talking Prints do you like the most?

The job opportunities the ladies are creating for our indigenous people. I just like the vibe and passion these ladies put into every project they're working on.

Which item of the Talking Prints collection do you like the most and why?

I don’t have a favorite item, I like all of them. And that is just because all the items are handmade with love and completely different at the same time.

If you think of improvement and growth for Talking Prints, what would be your suggestions?

I would say that by improving the way they bring something new on the market would be a great start to reach growth and improvement. Because when you launch something new you want it to reach worldwide. We want as many people to get to know Talking prints not just for the products but for the reason these ladies are making it happen

How do you see yourself growing in and outside of Talking Prints?

I have a very stable job at the moment working as a Technician for the EBS and I don’t see myself ever leaving there. But making furniture on the side is something I like doing in my spare time, so you never know

Share a fun experience you had with Talking Prints

A fun experience was for sure the construction period. The ladies were always very welcoming and kind.

Do you have a message for Talking Prints?

Keep growing and improving. I hope you ladies reach as much success as possible.