Interview with Meredith Joeroeja

Talking Prints is all about creating cool items, helping others and empowering people.

Besides the two owners Zoe Mezas and Pekula Starke, other people have contributed to the projects of Talking Prints. They have become a community that supports our way of being and vision which is all about helping and empowering each other. We call this our Tribe of support”. In this blog we highlight the people who we collaborate with.

  • Name : Meredith Joeroeja
  • Age: 24
  • Name 3 qualities about yourself: creative, understanding, super chill
What does your daily life look like?

I'm a Fashion designer in my daily life so my days are never really the same. From going into meetings, buying fabrics and expanding my own brand Merry Marian. Despite the variety of my daily activities I start my days off with meditation, a workout and a bowl of fresh fruit.

In what way are you collaborating with Talking Prints, and how do you like this so far?

At this moment we are working on a new project, I can’t tell too much about it. I am very excited about this collaboration and the new item we are developing together. Stay tuned for that.

Which of the aesthetics of Talking Prints do you like the most?

The aesthetics I like the most are the employment projects the ladies of Talking Prints create for the women in the interior of Suriname, the amount of drive and passion they use to achieve the things they focus also appeals to me. I also have a dream to create job opportunities.

Which item of the Talking Prints collection do you like the most and why?

My favorite item is the Makoki Bag. This is a new item that will be released in the webshop in may. Apart from that the bag is made by indigenous people it's also braided by hand so that for sure had a big impact on my choice.

If you think of improvement and growth for Talking Prints, what would be your suggestions?

I am convinced that the collaboration I started with Talking Prints will lead to improvement and growth. Not only for Talking Prints but my own brand Merry Marian as well. Giving each other support and reflecting on the things that can be better is the key to improvement.

How do you see yourself growing in and outside of Talking Prints?

Given the good vibe and communication within the collaboration, i certainly see myself growing within TP and would like to do more collabs in the future.

I also wish to make a cultural impact with my own brand. Besides wanting to contribute to creating appreciation for culture, i also want my fans to be able to feel the energy of a new project in the final product.

Share a fun experience you had with Talking Prints

Every experience with Talking Prints is a fun experience. When I meet with the ladies I can always talk for hours about new ideas with them.

Do you have a message for Talking Prints?

Keep doing what you love, keep supporting the community, keep creating and keep improving. You guys are doing well. I am proud of you and you are setting an example for a lot of people.