We want you to meet one of the Women of project “Kon tei"

Naam           : Trude Kenti

Leeftijd         : 35

Kinderen      : 4

Woonplaats : Balingsoela

Do you have other work other than Talking Prints?

I have a government job in the village.  

It's been almost 4 year since you started working with Talking Prints ? What do you think so far of the project?

I love learning new things. Talking Prints gives me the opportunity to learn new sewing techniques and also I can earn some extra money. 

Which item do you make for Talking Prints?

I make the Pangi Mono, mouth masks and a new product we’re working on. 

What are your future plans?

I want to learn to make more items so I can become a tailor. My children are going to a boarding school in Paramaribo because there are no high schools in the interior. My dream is to build a house for them.