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Our mission

Talking Prints has the mission to create unique handmade products made by indigenous people in different villages across Suriname. The beauty of Suriname lies in the different populations and cultures. My motivation for accomplishing our mission is getting to know the indigenous culture myself. Traveling to different villages is part of the job I like the most. I was always curious about different cultures while traveling to other countries. Maybe my interest in other cultures comes from me being mixed myself. I don't fit in any kind of box in the way I look or think. Traveling and getting to know different cultures has taught me a lot about the beauty of rituals and how to respect and honor our differences.

Suriname is a blend of different cultures which is a beautiful gift.
Five years ago we started working with the Maroon villages in Brokopondo and 2 years later with the Caraib indigenous tribe in Galibi. Our goal is to reach more cultures such as the Aucaners, Trio and Arawak tribe.

Our items are handmade in different villages because they all have their traditional handicraft. The fun part of our designing process is digging into those traditional handicrafts and giving them a new twist.
Let's take a look at the Angisa Fanny Pack with embroidery embedded in the design. This embroidery is well known in the Maroon culture. Another traditional handicraft that is embedded in our design is the traditional weaving techniques for the Makoki Collection. This weaving technique is for example very typical in the Caraib culture. Don't forget about our Headwraps. Women traditionally wearing headwraps are very common in Suriname and has a history that goes back to the time of slavery.

By giving these items a modern touch but still wanting the history to be told is one of our missions. We find culture and history very important to be aware of because this way we can understand ourselves and others better.

Let's embrace our differences so we can accept each other.