The Struggles

It's in times of uncertainty that we are challenged the most as human beings. All the plans we had were postponed and are forcing us to live in the moment. It gives us the chance to start appreciating the little things in life and be conscious about the things we have achieved so far.

A few months ago I was a little frustrated about the impact COVID has on our company and plans, especially financially. The women we work with are depending on us and I felt powerless for not being able to step up the production. They are used to a bigger production and being paid more but due to COVID, our plans to go to Holland for the festivals are canceled. Also, we’re depending on tourists in Suriname and that's also not going to happen for a while.

Now I'm heading more into an accepting phase where I'm looking for other ways to see the situation as it is. Now that we have all the time in the world, we actually have the chance to make time to dive deeper into our company. What are the things we usually don't make enough time for? As an entrepreneur I never feel bored, it is just a choice where you are putting your focus on.

For us is traveling through the country, to see if there are other villages that we can help is something we wanted to do more often. Also really take the time to design and develop authentic products. And most importantly working on the women's sewing skills. This is really time-consuming and actually perfect in the time of COVID. With this being said I can happily announce that we are going to be working in 4 different villages this year. Due to COVID, we got other opportunities to work on, which means more different products coming up your way soon.

It took me a while to accept and to rise above my frustration. But every life lesson is a blessing, not only the good things but also the hard lessons. In hard times we go out of our comfort zones and really grow as human beings.

Life is full of surprises and you got to be thankful :-)