The Journey

As the ladies Zoë Mezas and Pékula Starke, started their own business, they also started a new journey. A journey where they dive into the unknown, follow their intuition, and go through the process. In the Journey, Zoë will share inside stories with you. Follow us along and read all about it.

In 2015 I decided to go to Suriname to take a break from the rat race I was living in Holland. I felt the need to go into nature to escape my busy city life in Amsterdam. While I was recharging and getting one with nature, I start reflecting on my life in Holland where I was feeling blessed about my opportunities in life so far. I had the privilege to go to college, had amazing friends, traveled and partied a lot. At the same time I had an unfulfilled and empty feeling I could not put in place at that time. I had enough free time to reflect on my life and start doubting the choices I have made about my career. I had created a life for myself where I could buy anything I wanted and had no financial struggles. But was I happy? And should life be like this? Should it not be better to be part of something bigger than taking care of only myself? What I call a higher purpose where you build a legacy of awareness. Something that you can look back in 20 years and be proud of.

I have always been an empathic person. Empathizing and helping people comes natural to me. It's something that I’ve learned from my mother. She is always trying to help people and put herself second when others are in need. I find being an empathic person in a materialistic world hard and I felt misunderstood most of the time. As well in my career I couldn’t find something where I could truly be myself.

As I was reflecting, I realized that I had to create my work. I came across a quote that resonates with this new state of mind "Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I had to find something close to my heart, something that felt natural for me to do. Not something the world already created where I had to fit myself in. It had to be something that I should create from scratch. That is when the idea of Talking Prints was born. A company that I put my own identity and values in. A company in which the motives are pure and real. And most importantly contributing to the world, by helping indigenous communities with not only a fair income but also giving them a sense of pride and confidence about their culture and being. We are creating awareness to the women but also to their children, grandchildren, husbands and the whole village.

Whenever Pékula and I visit the women and we drive back to Paramaribo we have such a big smile. The feeling of actually doing something good and making a difference is priceless. Then we say to each other that we are crazy for doing so much effort. But we do it because it makes us happy. And who wouldn’t be happy right?