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Project U ke handmade products Suriname

Talking Prints presents Project U ké

Project U ké is our first project.
We partnered up with women in a Maroon village that have less opportunities for development but have an incredible amount of willpower, talent and creativity.
We believe in these women therefore we supported them with sewing workshops, materials and coaching.
Now they are able to make colourful and trendy bags for you!
U ké stands for “we are willing” in the Saramaccan language and represents the positive power of women.

By purchasing our bags you help provide an income and encourage their hopes and dreams.


Meet the women of U  ké

The women of U ké live in a Maroon village named Drepada.
It’s a small village in District Brokopondo, 1.5 hours away from Paramaribo (the capital city of Suriname).
A various group of Maroons still live in Suriname. This group is divided in 6 different tribes; the Saamaka, Boni, Kwinti, Pamaka, Aluku and the Matawai.
The people living in Drepada belong to the Saamaka tribe were they speak Saramaccan, a wild collection of Portuguese, English, Dutch and African words.
In Drepada the traditional structure is still well preserved. The so called Basja and Captain are in charge and they manage the traditional authority in the village.

Drepada is the least prosperous village of all villages around the center of Brokopondo.
The agricultural activities aren’t market-oriented. That means no income is generated.
Some of the men do fishing, hunting, logging and gold mining, but not on a regular basis. These activities do not provide structural income for the family.
Compared to other surrounding villages, this village hardly employed people at the local-government or other employers in the area.
This causes a high unemployment rate.

With employement project U ke we try to influence the environment of the artisans by creating sustainable livelihood.
The women are able to work for a fair income and they are coached to realize their short and long terms goals.

Step into the world of the women of U ké and see how Talking Prints help them embrace their creativity and talents.


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