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Suriname (South America)

Suriname is a country in South America, well known for it’s Amazon rainforest and authentic villages where traditional cultures such as the maroon and the indigenous communities are well preserved. Because of these amazing elements this country is hiding treasures to discover. Despite all the beauty of Suriname much development is needed while unemployment is still a common problem.



Local goods with an impact

We partner up with local artisans in Suriname who aren’t able to market their products. Lots of artisans have few opportunities for development but have an incredible amount of willpower, talent and creativity.
That’s why we support them with workshops, materials, coaching and with marketing of their products.


Project U ké

Our first project called U ké. With this project we started working with maroon women (descendants of escaped slaves) who produce colourful bags made of traditionally used fabrics. By purchasing these bags we generate jobs, a fair income and the hopes and dreams of a creative community in Suriname receive support.




The founders of Talking Prints, Zoë Mezas en Pékula Starke, have a strong love for vibrant colours, cool products and the drive to support other people. Their mission is to produce eye- catching items that are socially responsible in the sense that every link of the chain – from design, producers, until users – can benefit.